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Vision: As you said in the description this is an 'Icelandic Horse' so the vision is obvious. This is a painting of a horse in front of...

Vision: The vision... Is the vision the depiction of two people sailing in a boat on a river/lake/ocean (one of the three) with one loo...

by Skedda

Vision: The 'vision' is pretty obvious. This is a skull drawing that Skedda made at some point in life, and from reading the descriptio...

Vision: The 'vision' of a steampunk city with a darker color scheme makes this picture look wonderful in my book. It gives off a vibe o...



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Hi my name is Warren. I enjoy playing video games, reading, writing, and of course drawing. I've been meaning to start sharing my work with hopes of improvement and criticism. Oh, and also thank you for visiting my page. Also, could you please drop a comment.

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   The Life and Death of Nicholas Thomber


    On a prime Sunday eve. A Mr. Nicholas Thomber was striding to his dark, desolate, and all around rancid room, 581, of the Lucks Win Apartment. Near, the northern wing of the newly founded city state of Nitoliolic. This apartment was, and still is, fundamentally excrement; the walls were dirtied and torn to a point of degradation that which anyone who'd of seen it would've walked straight out the door if not having a substantial reason to proceed; the floors were dusty and discolored; the lighting was horrendous; and the building had the aesthetic of a place just waiting to be torn down. But enough of this, we shall now traverse into Nicholas Thomber's personal 'suite' in which we shall be starting our tale.
    Mr. Thomber's room was all around fully converted from it's prior 'luxury' to a sort of hovel of all hovels. Along the left side of the room you would find yourself knee deep in papers of all kinds. Manuscripts, testimonies, letters, unfinished writings, among others in much of the same vein; and on the right you would come across Mr. Thombers naked mattress laying on the discolored wooden flooring. Straight forward from the door was a large dresser, and to the right of that hanging above the bed was a shabby book case. Oddly, full of grandiose classical literature, all of extreme value. Now, one might ask themselves, why if you have such worthy books, do you not sell to rent a better apartment, and this can be answered frankly. He, Mr. Thomber, was keeping these books as a keepsake. Something he could never bare the part with, as they were the final things remaining from his previous live, in which he would always speak so fluently and happily about.
    These stories shall be documented later, in chronological order, from his beginnings, his rise, his downfall, and finally his death. For now though we should continue describing his abode. His room was lit with a faded ceiling light connected to a disruptive squeaking fan, and his walls were decorated with a faded wallpaper and the previously mentioned book case. He also had a small closet behind his paper stacks. This closet was full of his regular dressing wear. Including an tattered old trench coat, cheap polo, and a small manner of faded pants among his undergarments and socks. He had but one pair of shoes. An extremely grand pair of black sturdy shoes of which were his prized possession aside from his books.
    Mr. Thomber was, as you know, extremely poor but even he still had a job. He worked at sub-par restaurant far from his dwelling. This place being so far away meant that he walked quite a ways going to and from his job, which payed him substantially less than one of the same in any other district, but due to his past mistakes had only one place to turn, and that was of course this restaurant. You might as well think Mr. Thomber was unhappy with his life, but no, he was extremely content with living the way he did. As you will surely see this new life is substantially better than his old, though his old had wealth and he fondly remembered it. I would give an opinion in stating it had been horrible, and with that we shall end our prologue and begin anew in his beginnings. 
The Life and Death of Nicholas Thomber: Prologue
Complete work of fiction that will be updated soon. 
This story is basically practise work for me, so I shall try to push the boundaries of my imagination in the coming chapters. I hope you will look forward to it. 
This is my first 'real' digital art piece, so it's not that great. Nevertheless I wanted to upload the final product instead of just keep it in my

Made with DeviantArt muro
Pixel Art Revolver
It's too small, sorry. I'm trying to do some pixel art so I gotta practice. Of course I'm still upload it. lol
Vision: As you said in the description this is an 'Icelandic Horse' so the vision is obvious. This is a painting of a horse in front of some mountains with a nice patch of clouds and blue sky above snowy (i think) lands.

Originality: I would say this isn't very original. It is of course a painting of a horse after all. There are hundred upon hundred of those, and I don't see many differences between other horse drawings/paints. Basically, I meant that doesn't do much original. I would say this is worthy of 3.5/5.

Technique: I like the technique (though I've always been a sucker for paintings). Is it impressionism? I like how you did the foreground and background. The detail near the horse also looks good along with the backgrounds fade-out, and eventual mountains + sky. The fur also looks well done. I don't know why there is a large patch of gray in the far right area. It doesn't look like it's connected to the horse, and I don't think it's part snow. So I will give this a 4.5/5.

Impact: Once in a different critique I stated that I usually only critique things that stand out to me. That statement applies to this painting. I think the style is impressionism (as I stated above). If so nice work. This painting left a good impression on me. 5/5
I was tagged by :iconmrnintendonerd24:

Questions Asked:
0. What's your favorite genre of music?
0. What's your favorite animal?
0. What is your Chinese Zodiac sign?
0. How did you meet your best friend?
0. In a relationship?
0. Where is the last place you went for vacation?
0. Day person or night person?
0. Who is your favorite singer/band?
0. Ketchup or mustard?
0. Oreos or Chips Ahoy?
0. What movie do you hate the most?
0. What's your favorite Nintendo game? 

0. Rock/Gothic
0. Wolf or maybe fox
0. Snake
0. Honestly I don't remember how I met my best friend. (he also moved away) So i'm going to tell how I met a different friend. I was at school it was time for lunch. I obtained lunch and looked for a table (this was the first day of 8th grade.) I walked around a bit and then I saw a few of my friends from 6th grade and sat with them. There were a few people I didn't know. One of these people was the friend I'm talking about, so I spoke to them (mainly making jokes.) We kind of hit it off, so now we're friends. Cool sorry I'm quite bad at describing stuff. 
0. No
0. Minneapolis, Minnesota. At a somewhat decent hotel (except the room I was in didn't have the amount of beds needed for me and others.) Lucky this room had a window couch thing, which is were I slept letting the other people take the beds. 
0. Night. I do also get up early though. 
0. Either Creature Feature, or Voltaire
0. Chips Ahoy, once I ate a whole lot of Oreo's and now I'm somewhat 'sick' of them. 
0. Ah, I don't know. Maybe 'The Super Mario Brothers Movie' 1993. I haven't watched many really bad movies most of the one's were just to unintentionally hilarious.
0. Ah tough one. I love basically every Zelda game and I've always been a fan of Mario... I am going to say. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, or if it they count Final Fantasy Four and Six as well as Tales of Symphonia

I shall not tag anyone else for this unfortunately. 

Another tag ^^I was tagged again by :icontheonionfairy123: Huzzah!!
0. My favorite Pokèmon by far is Fennekin
0. Going to Dave & Buster's and playing a Mario Kart game with Pac Man ^^
0. TV shows. Because you get more out of it and they take less time to make
0. Royal Blue
0. 1. Fireflies by Owl City, Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay and Bright by Echosmith
0. Yes I have and I love it ^^
0. My Funko Pop toys
0. Technically. I am agnostic, meaning I don't believe humanity holds the definitive answer to what/who god is
0. Owl City or Coldplay
0. 17 (18 this month)
0. Jose Can Say Go by someone at school
0. No. Gross
0. Pizza
Tags: :iconHurek: :iconWarrenHall12: :iconDesCroixEtDesTraits:
0. What's your favorite genre of music?
0. What's your favorite animal?
0. What is your Chinese Zodiac sign?
0. How did you meet your best friend?
0. In a relationship?
0. Where is the last place you went for vacation?
0. Day person or night person?
0. Who is your favorite singer/band?
0. Ketchup or mustard?
0. O

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